About us

Tinos island is often portrayed as the handmade Island, due to the fact that the whole island is decorated with stone wall-fences (xerolithia) that inhabitants were building for hundreds of years, developing a picturesque scenery that guests enjoy during their stay at Glafki.

Located on top of a hill between Pyrgos Village and Panormos Bay, overlooking Planitis Islet and the old windmills.

Glafki consists of 16 individual residences attuned to the local architecture, giving the feeling of staying in a small traditional village.

Creating an environment of calmness, peace and solitude all year round in contrast to the busy Village of Pyrgos and Panormos beach located just 2 minutes drive away.

Our Cycladic breakfast will fuel the guests to trek the various local trails and explore the beauty spots of the Island.

The lounge pool bar is ideal for mindfulness and relaxation for the whole family.

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